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Software Asset Management


Software Asset Management (SAM) Services

A typical company’s software budget represents millions of dollars and comprises from 20 to 35% of the annual IT budget.

It is usually one of the most mismanaged technology assets in many enterprises with waste, over purchasing, poor license management, and limited visibility into software assets.

Visualize not having to worry about your software licenses. Knowing exactly what you need to buy versus what is available for redeployment from harvested end-of-life equipment.  Actually being prepared for potential software audits from manufacturers. Imagine the ability to refer to your SAM solution for all the answers.

Most clients struggle with maintaining an accurate accounting of their IT assets. Technology based discovery solutions provide plenty of data, but fall short in the accurate analysis (normalization and reconciliation) of the asset inventory. Without an accurate baseline inventory, savings optimization is severely compromised.

In today’s business market, GP Consulting has recognized that Software Asset Management has become an uncontrollable cost and a significant risk for many companies. To deliver value to our clients we have gone to great efforts to developed an “All Star” team of strategic “Alliance Partners” that allow us to deliver consistent winning results around Vendor Management, Software License Negotiations and Software Asset Management.

GP,  can provide clients the ability to quickly and accurately inventory and optimize your IT environment. We can help you, negotiate and consolidate vendor contracts, reduce costs, minimize risks, get better terms and optimize control over all your software assets.



GP Consulting objective is to implement successful SAM Solutions that are designed to:• Overcome
today’s SAM challenges

• Maximize utilization of software assets
• Reduce cost
• Mitigate risk
• Get better contract terms

GP,  helps companies realize true cost savings through our business model and the experience of our alliance partners and their knowledge in Software Asset Management. Our solutions reduce costs by analyzing, strengthening and building your SAM program. We have managed SAM projects for some of the largest corporations in the world, guiding clients in their Software License Negotiation and Asset Management needs for over 20+ years. This gives us a historical knowledge of software deployments, entitlements, and product upgrade paths that are unique. We negotiate hundreds of client software license agreements per year, and manage portfolios valued in excess of $3,000,000,000 of clients’ software as part of our SAM Managed Services offerings, leveraging our experience to help clients throughout the SAM life-cycle. Whatever the level of your SAM program, GP will make it more effective and efficient.

Software License Agreements – Negotiation & Advisory Services

We help you negotiate or renegotiate your IT Software agreements to save your company 20 to 40% of your overall software spend.

We have developed an “All Star” team of strategic “Alliance Partners” that allow us to deliver consistent winning results around Vendor Management, Software License Negotiations and Asset Management.

Your server, desktop, laptop and mobile software can represent millions of dollars in annual IT spending and up to 35% of your IT budget. This usually makes it the second largest budget line item company wide, yet software is typically one of the most mismanaged assets in the enterprise. In many companies, waste is rampant with over purchasing, poor license management, and limited visibility into software assets

  • Software contracts are written to favor the vendor(s) and can make companies vulnerable to hidden fees, usage rights risks and unforgiving terms and conditions.Software licensing audits or a request for a compliance review by vendors are more frequent than you think. Some vendor software audits often conclude with unsatisfactory (and costly) results.


  • In addition to all your typical IT responsibilities, you are expected to safeguard your software investment by purchasing wisely, managing assets appropriately, while reducing costs and limiting risk to your enterprise.


AT GP Consulting  we are experts at software license negotiations and understand the licensing requirements of most major vendors. We negotiate hundreds of IT license agreements per year, and manage software portfolios valued in excess of $3,000,000,000 of clients’ software as part of our Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services offerings.

GP PROVIDES THE EXPERTISE TO SAVE YOU MONEY AND HELP YOU AVOID RISK ON YOUR SOFTWARE CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS. We can manage your entire software life-cycle from assisting with contract negotiations to license request and fulfillment through decommission.


GP Consulting can:

  • Focus our considerable subject matter expertise in the worlds of software licensing and software asset management demonstrating proven track records and knowledge that span over 30+ years.
  • Offer services that relate to the negotiation or re-negotiation of technology agreements between our client and their vendor(s), including the design of amended terms and conditions for minimized risks leading to lower costs, reflecting a client’s best interests.
  • Help clients avoid or significantly reduce retroactive license and maintenance costs resulting from an adverse audit outcome. Out team is well versed at protecting our clients from and through a software licensing audit. We know exactly what to expect and how to ensure your company is not exposed to inappropriate risk.
  • Sit at the negotiating table representing our clients or as agents for them.
  • Be true corporate consumer advocates for our clients. We do this without any conflict of interest.  We and our alliance partners do not sell or recommend products, nor are we compensated by any party for the sale of any products.
  • Better represent a clients’ interest than any Reseller, VAR, LAR or Enterprise software advisor whose allegiance is clearly entrenched in the companies they advise on.
  • Ensure that you are able to fully leverage historical licenses, product upgrade paths, entitlements, and potential software from harvested equipment, putting an end to re-purchasing software already owned.

Our advantage lies in the knowledge and practical experience accumulated virtually on a daily basis through delivery of our SAM Managed Services and solutions.  These advantages are augmented by an unbiased, objective approach that delivers exceptional value to our clients.  Our approach to SAM Managed Services is visibility into software deployments, entitlements and future trend analysis through near real-time quantitative reporting. No longer will you have to rely on the your software vendor for deployment and entitlement data. Instead, you’re in control with accurate information. This means you have the upper hand in contract negotiations, responding to compliance requests, software budgeting and project planning.